My account is not detected

I can not look at the statistics of my profile and other players because the application does not detect my account within the game.

Hey. did you use the app before and it worked well, or is it your first time? If it’s your first time, can you please make sure that you run the app before you run the game? Thanks. Let me know.

i used the app befor and it worked

@34Blank, we had some issues lately but 2 days ago we released a fix. Can you please re-launch Overwolf and try again?

I have the same problem now. I already uninstalled the App but it didn’t fix the problem

I’m having the same issue here today. I reinstalled it but it didn’t work for me. Couldn’t detect my account starting from like 20h ago.

@Cxrxs @leavejimmyalone The Overwolf API is currently down, they are working on fixing it. We hope it will be resolved later today.

did you change your uplay name because that could also be a factor to the problem