My Account is not in the leaderboards

I’m based in the Philippines. All the basic trackers are in my featured legend. I was able to claim my origin account. The Geo location always asks me to update my location.


Hello? Would be anyone help me with it? :frowning:

Hi @ihayme2303,

Sorry for late response. I can see your geo settings have been applied properly, are you still experiencing any issues?

My name is now showing in our country leaderboards but there’s a discrepancy with the stats. Example the kills Ive made for all legends. I’ve more than 3 thousand but still showing 2,000+ on leaderboards for days now.

Unfortunately, it takes some time to update stats and placements in regional leaderboards as the data is cached (it may take more than several days to update everything sometimes). If your profile shows correct stats, they will be updated in leaderboards eventually too.