My account is not on the leaderboards and my previous post has not had a response within 8 DAYS!

My account is not on the Australian leaderboards and i did a previous post with no response within 8 Days. I find this ridiculous as other posts have had a response within 1 day. Here is the link to my account pls comment if it has been fixed.

I’m having the same issue, my steam name is the same as my username, I’ve never changed it, my geosettings are set (Flag by my profile pic too) and my kills should definitely be up there. My tracker network profile says I have 5000+ kills, yet when I look at the leaderboards my name is just skipped. I tried contacting support but haven’t gotten a response. I got a premium account basically in hopes that I’d get help but none so far. Hopefully I can get an answer soon