My account specifically doesn't track

Very aware this topic has been talked about a bunch but this is uniquely a issue and not on mine or Epic Games end (I think)

My account (bounterbounter) doesn’t show up on the tracker in any capacity. My account is and has been public for as long as I’ve had it. I have used my Epic Games ID. Instead of it saying it’s private, it just doesn’t exist, I have tried others accounts. I have linked everything to the account, and have the tracker application on my computer when I play games. My friends show up on duos and squads, my stats do not.

Here are two other trackers that work when typing ‘bounterbounter’:

I don’t want to come off as rude, but there is legit no other way of adressing this issue (Plus this is the only tracker that even seems worth it, not even the fortnite career tab shows ANYTHING.)

If anyone replies, thanks.

Hi @BillBounter,

Could you please check if your profile works now?

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all good now, cheers :slight_smile: