My COD Tracker Stats STILL PUBLIC Despite Changing My Account Settings To Private

I’ve recently set my account settings on both battlenet and activision to private to avoid having my warzone stats being open to the public via your website. It has been 24 hours since I have made said changes and my stats are still easily accessible through your website even though I have set my account settings to private by following the instructions provided. On BOTH activision and battlenet, I have “Sign On Visible”, “Searchable” and “Data Visible” all set to “None” for all my linked accounts.

When I search my battlenet ID, COD tracker informs me that the “user’s setting have been set to private” which is PERFECT, however, when I search my activision ID, COD tracker shows my profile with ALL my stats despite me having set my information’s visibility to private.

I just finished creating a TRN account and claiming both my activision and battlenet profiles for verification with the hopes of being able to somehow private my stats through your website instead - no such option was available. I was hoping that your support team could manually private my stats seeing as I’ve literally tried ever possible option to do it MYSELF to no avail.

My activision ID is MidNight#4834006 and I’d like my COD tracker stats to no longer be visible to the public. I’d be more than happy to further verify that the activision account belongs to me through any means you find necessary. I can provide any information you need for confirmation privately if that is required. This inconvenience is truly testing my patience at this point and I’d really appreciate your support.

Thanks in advance,

In addition, after doing a bit of research I’ve noticed that my activision ID is set to private on ALL other call of duty/warzone stat checking websites. To be clear, my stats are not visible on ANY WEBSITE but YOURS. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

Hi @MidNightRush01,

Thank you for your message. We understand your desire to hide your stats and we agree with you that it should be possible to do. However, we cannot fix this issue on our side, this change must be done on the Activision side and we have requested it already.

At the moment, you can hide your, PlayStation and Xbox stats only. Activision ID is always public even though your settings are completely opposite. Please note that no other website can use Activision IDs which is why you cannot find your stats anywhere else.

I would recommend you to contact Activision support to get more information about the issue:

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I’m having the exact same problem and it is very frustrating. Is there any reason why you have to have the option of using activison ID to look up stats? You said that no other site uses activison ID to get stats so why does this site do it? Surely just removing that option would make the most sense and given that everyone that’s playing COD is either using Battle net, PSN or Xbox - all of which is usable to look up stats for people that want them shown. I don’t really see the point of having the activison id option there. I’ve been in contact with activison support and they haven’t been helpful at all on this issue so far. I hope this gets fixed soon as I’m sure there’s many others that want the option of not having their stats shown

Kind Regards

Hi @Coolio1234,

Warzone usually shows Activision IDs instead of / PSN / Xbox usernames, this option is the only way for many users to find stats of their friends and opponents. In addition to it, we are using Activision IDs to create features that are not even possible on other websites.

Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is to wait for Activision to fix the privacy setting issue.

Hello, this does not comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, i.e. you make personal information public without providing people any possibility to delete or change their data nor to contradict your service.
Please get in contact with me and make my data private again!
Thanks and best wishes

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Hello I am having a similar issue, where as my activison has been. made private. (which i wanted) my battle net and psn are sttill PUBLIC which i donot want, i haveeunlinked the accounts and set all the things to NONE but. they. are still there… id like y privacy and for ppl to not be able. to see. those profiles,pleshelp

Please, I don’t want your page to public any of my data, I requested blizzard and activision to stop saving all my data but you are the only website with the stats of my account. You must stop of showing data of the people who wants privacy. Just create a hide list for those who are made the request. It is your fault.


I have the same issue. Is anyone managed to hide his stats, contacting Activision support ?
Please hide my stats on your website, this is not GRPD compliant anyway.

Thanks in advance

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Mine is the opposite - I can easily hide my activision info, but my xbox profile will not go private. How can I change this?