My Epic/RL account can't be found

My account cannot be found. Tried starting the app before launching the game with no success. Enabled the Overwolf overlay as well. Just wanna make sure it’s nothing I’m doing wrong on my end. (In-game name is Mytho Magic)

Hi @MythoMagic,

Thank you for your report. There is an issue right now when some profiles cannot be found at all, we are trying to identify a reason.

Having the same issue here as well.

Non riesco ad accedere all’account Fortnite, anche se é già collegato l’account Epic Games (per esempio l’account di Rocket League c’è e non uo nessun problema), in Fortnite non riesco a trovare o accedere al mio profilo

Yeah I’m having the same issue as well.

also having this issue

Im having the exact same issue even when I load into a game and try to click on my username it says 404 error user not found

Still having this issue. EPIC ID can be found by all other sites, so doubt it’s an EPIC issue

Thank you for all your reports. It takes us more time than we expected, we are still trying to resolve the issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Can confirm the latest fix has appears to have solved this issue

Hello i am having the same problem my id is: Bananafishrescue
Can i fix this in any way atm

same problem, ID: HowlingKoi98, wont let me find my profile. any way to fix it yet? i see this post is old