My fortnite stats are wrong

Hey. I looked on fortnite career and I added all my wins up together and I had 294 wins. Then I got on TRN and it said I had 283 can you please fix this or can you help me any. Thank you

Hi @Timmyenzy,

We exclude bot lobbies from your stats. In most cases, this is the reason why you see different values.

How do you know if I have not lobby’s can you pls explain or give me information

For example, if you are a new player, you will join several matches against bots. There are also some other ways to join a match against bots. We will not include the results of such matches in your lifetime stats.

What you see on our website is your performance against real players.

Okay thank you so much

If I was to get the premium do you think you could change my stats or not?

No, we cannot change your stats even if you have Premium.