My ID don'þ appear on the Portuguese leaderboard

Hi everyone,

For some time now my ID don’t appear on the PT leaderboard list.

I was checking the number of wins and position but i don’t find it. I have already unlink and linked my TRN account but same issue.

I play everyday so should be there something. I just find my ID when I click on the section for playstation under Battle Royale option

Someone knows why ? Thank you

@Eurico78 I Believe this is your profile for Warzone ttvcire8eric’s COD Warzone Overview Stats - COD Warzone Tracker

The global leaderboards have now been updated and your account for example can be found here: Kills Leaderboard - COD Warzone Tracker

Hi and thanks you for your quick reply and support.

Yes it appear on the Playstation section but not in all the platforms. I check mainly wins for my region and when i select activion for example there is nothing there. Same for resurgence.

Can you check please ? thank you