My name doesn’t appear in my country leaderboard

Hello my name does not appear in the classification of my country, in my case it is Spain, can you fix it thanks

still not working any solution???

Hello @magomax2010 and welcome to the TRN forums.

From a cursory glance, it appears you do not have your region set on your profile.

Can you log into TRN and go to the Geo Settings page? From there, you should see something like this:

Make sure the “Country” field is set to Spain as you want and hit “Update Geo” at the bottom. Give it a few hours to propagate, and see if that helps fix the issue for you.

It still doesn’t work and I put my country days ago and it still doesn’t work. I have even tried to disconnect and log in again and update my country again and it does not work

I have to come out in position 7 in Spain and it doesn’t come out

Hmm, for whatever reason, it’s not applying your country to your profile. I see you perfectly fine on the “All Countries” leaderboard:

I think you need to claim your profile:

I already claimed the profile, I have added my PSN and ORIGIN account and my Country. I do not know the problem but the classification of countries does not work, from PC, Android browser, the app does not have the option to search by country, it is a shame. I wanted to do Premium but until I find a solution nothing, I’m sad

It’s already solved, the problem was that I had my origin id wrong instead of my id I put my email. Now it works

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