My name doesn't appear in my country leaderboard

game apex legends
psn: gmazed
country: netherlands
I linked both my twitch and youtube to my stattracker account, but i dont appear on the leaderboard

Good Morning,

Please make sure you firstly have your PSN account linked here:

Following that make sure your geolocation is added here

Thank you

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good evening,

I have my twitch, youtube and psn linked.
My geo location is updated as well

Leaderboards, especially geographic ones are usually cached for many hours. How long did you wait until after linking?

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I have the same problem, i updated my geo standing and linked my accounts yet my account doesn’t have a serbian flag on it and my name is not on the leaderboards. I’ve done this at the end of season 8 and it still isn’t showing

thank you for the response, now my stats appear on the leaderboard. I just had to wait a few hours indeed

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