My name doesn't appear in my country leaderboard

game apex legends
psn: gmazed
country: netherlands
I linked both my twitch and youtube to my stattracker account, but i dont appear on the leaderboard

Good Morning,

Please make sure you firstly have your PSN account linked here:

Following that make sure your geolocation is added here

Thank you

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good evening,

I have my twitch, youtube and psn linked.
My geo location is updated as well

Leaderboards, especially geographic ones are usually cached for many hours. How long did you wait until after linking?

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I have the same problem, i updated my geo standing and linked my accounts yet my account doesn’t have a serbian flag on it and my name is not on the leaderboards. I’ve done this at the end of season 8 and it still isn’t showing

thank you for the response, now my stats appear on the leaderboard. I just had to wait a few hours indeed

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Can i ask did you do it on your phone or a pc browser?

What’s your platform and ID?

game Call of duty Warzone (Resurgence Game mode)
psn: GOAT_GAMER_23
country: philippines
I linked twitter,twitch and youtube to my account but I still dont see myself on the leaderboard. I have waited for about 1 or 2 days.

Hello @GOAT_GAMER_23 and welcome to the TRN forums

I don’t see that you have a country listed on your TRN account. Can you ensure you have your Geo Settings updated correctly?

Yes. but when i open another tab for the geo settings its empty so when i put my country basically it doesnt save.

Can you try logging out, logging back in, and then going directly to the Geo Settings page (I linked it above) to put your country in? I think having it open in another tab is causing some issues here trying to save that information when you have multiple, competing tabs open to TRN’s website.

It still does not work i logged out then back in. I checked my geo settings and it was empty.

I’m having the same problem, had my psn account linked and geo up for months now and my apex account still does not show up on the leaderboards

psn: TC_Rynesaur
country: Philippines

thank you very much

@rynesaur Hi, having reviewed your account internally I can see that your region is currently set to the Philippines as you suggested.

Leave this one with me.

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@GOAT_GAMER_23 On which internet browser are you making amendments to your regional settings?

We’re trying to narrow down issues with linking/geo updates.

Thank you

Is it fixed? Still can’t see my name there :<

@rynesaur It’s with our dev team right now; the issue is we cannot verify PSN accounts very easily which can prevent certain linking tools; in this case the regional flag.

It’s a known issue and I’ve just this minute spoken to the team around this.

Sorry :frowning: no major update yet

I appreciate your efforts on making this work! Hopefully it gets fixed soon! Thank you very much :>

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Hey guys I’m having the same issue with my name not appearing on any leaderboards at all could you guys have a look for me. My Xbox account is linked and to my knowledge my geo is set correctly. Readiplyr1 is my actual name for Xbox and I’m just curious as I’ve seen others with less kills than me appearing and yet I’m still not able to find myself.?