My nickname is not updated in the tracker

My old nickname is rxShiden, but I updated it a week ago, now it’s zwPurplematiC but it doesn’t update in the tracker. How could I update it?
Plataform: Origin

I attach my profile:

I can find your ID via EA’s platform however you can also search your old ID and it still appears like the old profile has not been updated fully (which can happen)

My suggestion would be to play some games (even firing rage) with completely standard trackers on as described here ( Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network )

While in the range with standard trackers on try searching your new user name once more; and if that fails leave it two minutes and try again. This may help


Finally I also note you have not updated your Origin ID on the link accounts page; please update that here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

I have already updated my data on the tracker page and in origin
But now I cannot claim the profile and the nickname (zwPurplematiC) is not updated and continues with the previous one, which is RxShiden.

@zwPurplematiC I can see you have now linked your correct Origin ID however something on EA’s side is not triggering correctly here.

  1. Please make sure your privacy settings are open; I note I cannot view any of your current game libraries to confirm the account has played Apex.

  2. I’ve sent you a friend request on the EA app from the username ‘TrackerOfApex’ this will allow me to review your account in-game and will help me narrow down some issues.

  3. Please play a few matches with either basic or no trackers equipped on your legends (see here for context) Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

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I accepted the friend request.
I have also checked my EA privacy settings and everything is correct. I don’t know what the error is that caused the nickname to not be updated in the tracker in order to claim the profile.