My old Activision ID…

On May 15th my activision ID was hacked. It’s been weeks of trying to get any type of support from Activision with no luck. Long, long story short I got a case to go through and have an open case with them. I’m hoping it works out but it said it would be 4 business days and it’s going to be three weeks now soon. It’s painful but one of the things I would like to find that could help them is my original Activision ID.

The hacker changed my Activision ID. I still actually have control over the account but I cannot unlink his XBL/PS accounts from my Activision account because “it’s been less than 12 months since the last unlinking”. I never “created” and Activision ID. I just always used my XBL name. I remember they added numbers to the end of our Activision ID’s. It was basically my XBL account with some extra numbers at the end, it would have been helpful if it showed on all my clips but I hid it in the options so the extra numbers didn’t show in game so unfortunately I can’t see it there. Anyway, I can see my original account on COD Tracker but it’s just under the new Activision ID.

Is there a way I could see my old Activision ID on here? Is there anyway to see old games before I was hacked that could show the full ID? I know this is kind of a last ditch effort but I figured it was worth a shot. I can see games that where played before I was hacked but I don’t know how to see the ID. If anyone could help that would be great! Thank you in advance.

If anyone knows how to put comments in “My Cases” on that would be a huge help. I replied to the e-mail that they sent me originally looking for my information. Afterwards there have been a few things I’d love to add to that information but when I e-mail them back now it says this is an automated e-mail that doesn’t receive replies. Then it says any further information you would like to add should be put in the “comments” section under “My Cases” on Activionsn’s support page but I just don’t see anywhere to add any comments.