My player is not showing on leaderboards

My ID In-FINitySS 1386 wins

Hello @In-FINitySS and welcome to the TRN forums.

I see you originally posted here for the same issue:

While I see no one has yet responded, please be courteous to other forum members by not creating multiple posts regarding the same issue. It helps future members find solutions faster if they don’t have to look in multiple threads.

I’m not with TRN so I can’t exactly say what the issue might be, but I definitely see the issue you’re experiencing.

Just to be 100% certain, have you linked the account you play with to your TRN account? You can check here. That may help if TRN doesn’t allow unclaimed accounts on the leaderboards (I’m not 100% sure if this is the case but it would make sense).

Hello sorry for that i was looking for help and i dont get it in the other post. Yes all is linked, also i can find my account like i show in the images. The only problem is im not on the leaderboards.

@In-FINitySS Thank you for confirming.

The only other issue I could possibly think of would be not associating your account with a region. I’m not convinced that it is necessary to show up on the leaderboards, but it may help.

Can you go to the Geo Settings page and confirm you have a region selected? It should look something like this:

Yes i was having that enable but i disable because didnt work too. I will enable again just in case. Thanks for the help but we need an admin here to help us because seems like a problem of the tracker.