My premium upgrade

Hi so I purchased premium yesterday on the website but I’m still not able to edit my profile and when I try to it says I’m not premium yet.

When I go on the mobile app or anything else like the in game tracker it tells me I still need to purchase premium but when I go to my setting it says I have

Any help with this would be great! Thank you so much

Hi @tjd019,

Thank you for supporting us, means a lot! :slight_smile:

Would you mind going to our R6 homepage and logging in?

This should sort the issues. Please let me know if it doesn’t.


hi yes i did that but still when i go to change my profile picture and to customize my profile it says i need to upgrade then when i go to premium it says i already purchased

Ah, I can see that the account you’re currently using is not Premium. Did you purchase Premium on another TRN account?

No the account I’m on has the premium in fact I purchased on tracker network and on the in game overlay / overwolf

@tjd019 All looks to be working now!

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