My r6 tracker wont work

it says waiting for match even though im in one
it did asy API issues at the start but i dont know if that has anything to do with it

Hey, the API was down but it should work now.

yep mine doesnt work eitehr. really starting to piss me off as this is like the 5th time it hasnt worked and every time i gotta wait like 1-2 weeks for it to work again so honestly im about to just use another tracker because this is getting ridiculous

Hey @heyyfate , we had API issues for the past few days but now it’s working fine. Unfortunately, when the game updates, it breaks the API. There is really nothing we can do about it. If we could, we were working on a solution a long time ago. We wish the API would work when those patches arrive as well. It’s frustrating for us too. Can you please try again?

I have the tracker on while I’m in a ranked match and it doesn’t show anything it just says waiting for next match. It is updated as well.

Hey, can you please restart Overwolf and the game and try again? It should be working now. We had an issue yesterday.