My replays upload are stuck on “waiting for response”

As said in the title my replays uploads are getting stuck on “waiting for response” is there any way to fix this?

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Hi @8c915164-0958-4af2-b,

Could you attach your replay file for us to check it please?

If the forum does not let you attach a file, please upload it on and share your download URL in your reply.

I’m having the same problem. Here’s a screenshot with the devtools console visible:

Here’s the replay file:

This issue is now fixed. Can you let us know? @Drunken_Hotei @8c915164-0958-4af2-b

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Looks like it works for me now!

I tried uploading two at once, and one went through immediately, but the other was again stuck on processing.

However, after the second try just uploading the second one by itself, it worked fine :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick replies and resolution of the issue! Too bad I lost a lot of good ranked wins from last season to the same bug…