My riot account is linked but it wont appear my name profile on ' my profile '

i have my riot account linked but it wont appear at ’ my profile ’ as were before and i can’t add crosshairs at website cuz it wont connect my account into ‘my profile’


Hi, on the screenshot you have provided, you are not logged in. You are being prompted to “sign in”.

No , I am logged and every single time it back to that screen saying I am not logged , even thought I log on my root account , it’s a website problem , before was normal but now it is bugged as I said , I click to sign in and it show me to Valorant or league , I click on Valorant and it ask to me sign in again , I do , then back to the same point over and over again , pls fix your website

Tracker GG issue - YouTube In this video u can see me clicking in sign in and all , also in the end u can see I am seems I am on my account , but I can’t save crosshair ?! , I am sign in , I am log in , but it’s an issue on the website as I said already , Ty and I am waiting for the fix

I am having the same issue, @isadb1. Have you found a fix yet?
I just discovered about the crosshair posting thing, but this Sign In bug is not allowing me to upload any.
Plus, the posting service won’t accept crosshair codes that have a different Secondary Aim like I do.

I didn’t find any fix yet :confused:

Would u please fix it ?! Seems the problem still going on

Hey there, I’m one of the developers. I’ll be looking into this issue for you. @isadb1 Could you please try the following:

  1. Go to as you did before
  2. Press F12 on your keyboard. This should open a developer console. Click the “Console” tab at the top.
  3. Now click Sign In again as you have before. After the page redirects, you should see some messages being logged into the box. We’re looking for messages that look like this with the [Signin Redirect] before them:
  4. Please locate those messages, and copy them here or take a picture.

I have also made changes to the sign in flow as of a few minutes ago, so if the first sign in try doesn’t work, the second one might. In either case, please be prepared to provide the console log information as instructed above.

@DrogaEhOBruno Feel free to do the same.

here @Loch

Looks like your computer clock time is set incorrectly, which is interfering with our encryption. You can sync your computer time by right clicking on your computer clock and clicking “Adjust date/time”. Make sure the timezone is set correctly too – it should work if it’s close to the time shown here:

I realize this is annoying so I’ll be looking to fix this on our end as well.

it worked , ty so much @Loch <3