My stats doesnt update

Hello. My nickname is MonozZ, I play in Epic games, and Im having the problem that my stats arent updating. The stats that this tracker is showing are super old, because im actually diamond 1 and they shows gold 2. I have already win more than 900 games and tracker only shows 600. Help me!!
This is my link:

this is what rl tracker shows.

Thanks for the report, can you please reset the app and re-check that again after playing one match? Looks like we fixed something with the API.

Nope, it doesnt work yet. I did what you tell me to do, and continue wrong. Help me, please!

Hi @MonozZ,

We received two similar reports some time ago:

  1. Stats Are Incorrect
  2. Wrong stats displayed

If you read the second one, it looks like this issue can be fixed by changing your nickname in Epic Games Store. Is it possible for you to change your nickname and check whether it actually helps? Please note that you can change your nickname only once every two weeks (i.e., you have to wait two weeks if you want to use your current nickname again).

You can read about changing nicknames here:

We asked Psyonix about this issue after the first report but we do not have any response from them at the moment.

I actually changed my name to iMonozZ. I played a match, entered the site, and it continues showing me my older stats. I cant believe that i changed my name and it doesnt worked tho.

Let’s wait a bit. It still displays your old nickname on the website while using a new one, and it might take some time to update your profile.

We will look into this issue again tomorrow if your profile stays the same today all today.

I see that your profile has been updated but some stats look incorrect in comparison to the image you sent:

Could you check your lifetime stats and playlist stats? Please let us know which of them are correct/incorrect.

Hello. I just realized that the pic of my stats ingame is wrong. I have more than 8 days playing. Some of my stats got updated, like my recent matches and my ranks, but some others as my lifetime stats no.