My stats have been missing in site

Hi i have all the seasonal charms since season 1 , i can send u photos of charms ,

but in site i only have stats for past 2-3 season , my stats have been missing i wanted to fix it
Thank u so much

Hi, Ubi says you didn’t play on that account during those seasons. Charms can be collected through cross-progression, they don’t prove you played on that account during those seasons.

Please note that we don’t merge Ranked 1.0 stats from connected profiles.

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I have played since then with this ubisoft account , but from psn , it has been sth like 1 year i came to xbox and linked my account to xbox too , but since then the stats have been lost from both my accounts its ok if the stats just come to psn , my psn id is Yiiike_

Any news what can i do ?