My teammates stats won't show up before a game launch

so when i when i get into agent selection i can’t see others stats only after i get into the game. there used to be a little slot under their name where its said kda and stuff like that

Hi @ChoGha,

Did the narrow, tall rectangular window appear to the right of the screen once the agent select phase started? (The one that shows your stats on the agent you chose and has an ad below that). Or were you able to open the app in-game using a hotkey?

the tall window on the right appear. but not the boxes under the players name where stats are

Thank you for the additional info. Please could you provide your app logs? It would be very helpful, can allow us to locate the issue and resolve it for you.

If you’re unsure how to send them, a guide is available here: [Guide] How to send your Overwolf logs

it says because im a new user i cant upload something

i think i did it

Entering a match after being in The Range seemed to be causing this issue. We will release a fix soon.

but when i play i dont go into the range. so i dont see how that would affect me

Remakes were also a cause. The next app update will include a fix for this.