My TRN is constantly getting network loading errors

Hi guys,i need some help, my TRN and TRN Overlays often has network loading errors, occasionally it shows the correct Stats, but most of the time it fails to load.I currently live in Beijing, China, with good internet access.Can open other websites’ pages normally (except those blocked by the Great Firewall), but it takes about a minute of waiting time to open’s pages to fully load them (sometimes it takes longer or even the pages load incorrectly)I hope guys can provide some solutions to this problem, I’d appreciate it!(Sorry for my poor english)

(In picture shows “Updationg Stats…”“Loading Stats”“Network Error”“timeout of 0 ms exceeded”)

and here is image of incorrectly load pages

BTW, there is about a 30% chance that the stats will load properly or the page will open within a few seconds, but in most cases (around 70%?I guess) the above problem occurs. So I’ve been wondering if my network is causing this, but since I haven’t encountered this with other pages or other Overwolf software, I’m not terribly sure.

***Any 1 here?***Any 1 here?

Hi @Abraham511,

Sorry for late response. Could you clarify please if you are experiencing a similar issue on other websites based and operating primarily in the USA?

We are using third party service provides (e.g., Cloudflare) and they block users from China for suspicious activity by mistake sometimes. Unfortunately, it is difficult to confirm right now whether this is the reason.

Sure, the following is the result of the test, respectively using the tool to test the speed of opening the web page in different areas of China.
The pages tested at the same time were fo^^^^ fa^^^ for^^^^
Here are the results of the test (including data and heat map)
Test results:

I also tested it several times at different times during the two days (directly through the browser to access the page), and after your reminder, I noticed that there is indeed a pattern, that when I had difficulty opening the page, all the above-mentioned sites using Cloudflare would also be difficult to access at the same time.
But fa** will not have the above problem, because the site does not seem to use Cloudflare. so I guess it is indeed because of Cloudflare caused the frequent access exceptions in China.

But interestingly, When the and pages failed to load, the page was able to open in a few seconds. And it seems that Overlays are not affected by the above rule, but always seem to be in the cycle of work → broken → broken → work → broken → broken That is the stats can be loaded correctly a few times in an hour, and then each time the data is automatically refreshed it will be broken for a while until it is back to normal again

It’s really strange, but I can only describe it by phenomenon since I have no knowledge of web development. If there is more information I need to provide I will try to provide it!

(some times shows “timeout of 0 ms exceeded”)