My valorant profile has been glitched out and doesn't record my RR

My valorant profile no longer shows my current RR even though I’ve attached it to and connected it to my account.

I started experiencing this issue around Act 2, it says my peak rating was 188 when it was 283.
This is what it shows on my profile

My Riot ID for reference: KallenW#asi

I check the anonymized thingy on the leaderboards, but mine is glitched out and even though I barely touch the button, it says I’ve tried to anonymise myself too many times.

Hi @KallenWasi,

We recommend you to contact Riot Games to help you fix the leaderboard issue. Your placement should be public and we cannot fix it for you ourselves.

I looked up your account and it shows now your RR. I have the same problem, how did you fixed it?

Hi @gusac,

Could you check these discussions please?

Have you tried to contact Riot Games about this issue if suggestions in the topics above do not work for you?