My vanguard stats arent updating for 2 days now

My stats not updating been 2 days

Looking at your data everything is updating correctly: ViiRUS_HD#4937368’s COD Vanguard Match History - COD Vanguard Tracker

Do you have any specific errors that you’re seeing?

Thank you

Hi yes my kills my wins/ losses are not updating and neither is my total score. Noting in my life time overall is updating. It goes through the countdown timer and then nothing updates.

@ViiRUS_HD Keep playing as normal and i’ll monitor.

I’ve screenshot your current data as a reference

I wont be on til tonight like 7pm eastern I’m at work now at moment will someone still be able to monitor?

Also I’m not looking at game modes I’m looking at the total of the entire game if that makes sense.

It says my total matches played is 1,377 but if you add my wins and losses it’s only at 1,336.

I’ll keep an eye on this and review Monday - play as per normal!
Don’t worry i’ve got this one jotted on my note page :slight_smile: