Mythical rank and weekly streak disappeared

I am using TRN on Android for R6, when I opened the app today It show a notification of app malfunction and the account was disconnected. when I reconnected and logged in both my mythical rank and weekly streak disappeared as if I did it all over again.

I forgot to write that all the matches played are listed.

@D3IMOS_19 I have a couple questions.

When you say you logged in, do you you had to sign in again?

When you signed in, did you sign in with your username and password, or with email + code?

When you signed in again, did you have to re-link your R6 profile?

If you signed in with email + code, and you also had to re-link your R6 profile, you may have accidentally created a new account (XP is linked to the Tracker Network account).

If you can answer those questions it will help us determine how we can fix this for you. Thanks.

I logged in with both but it still asked me to relink the PSN profile as if it had disappeared


It seems like you might’ve created an extra TRN account. Can you send the mobile app logs to my email address [email protected]? Here’s a guide:

And to be clear we can 100% get your XP recovered, we just have to figure out what your old account was.

Your other account is Deimos_18 and is associated with the email ending in 189 – you can use that email to sign into the app. Or use the Deimos_18 username if you know the password for that account. You will have to re-link your R6 account to the Deimos_18 user account once you’re signed in. At that point, you should be able to see your XP again.