Name Change - Don't See Settings


I have Tracker Network Premium mostly because I love what the site does and want to support it. However, I changed my ign in Fortnite to “eifie メ” from “soul is sleepy” and can no longer see things like my connected twitch, tracker premium status, etc. (メ )Which is odd because I have done name changes before and haven’t had this issue. I have already relinked my Epic account after switching names and tried it a few times.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? I sent a premium support request a couple days ago and haven’t seen a response, unless I am looking in the wrong spot for it.

Thanks so much!


(PS. Just tried to unlink so I could leave it unlinked for a few minutes and then relink to see if it fixes it, but now an error is showing and it won’t allow me to unlink?)


Thank you for your message. It usually takes some time to update profile settings and I can see your socials now. Do I get it right that the issue has been resolved for you?