Name dont update

Hi, I’ve been trying to get an answer about the fact that my username is not updated yet…

My username is still stuck in “nienj” even after I properly linked my accounts and played at least 10 games under my new name “nyosen”. I bought support expecting to get a short and quick answer just to get this problem fixed but apparently I don’t get an answer and I’m forced to ask for help from here…

Hello @nyosen and welcome to the TRN forums.

Name changes do take a few days to completely update. When I searched for your gamertag, I did pull up your old name, so apparently the linking is correct - it’s just taking a while to completely update.

For example, if I put your new name in the URL below, it still links to your old account as of 16:35 ET (UTC -04:00):

That page is the same as the one with your old name in it:

I don’t work for TRN, so I don’t know exactly what all is necessary, but I believe you just have to give it a few days to completely update on the back end.

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Thanks for the answer, i will be patiente!

@nyosen Thanks for flagging this. I know you’ve sent a message via premium support also so you’ll have an email from me also.

Ultimatly what @vindictivesmurf is saying is accurate; username changes can take many hours to process. The name has to change on several systems including in-game; via the platform holder in this case EA and then the API needs to reflect the new name before we see it.

The good news is EA is now showing one account with the name ‘Nyosen’ and hopefully, this is you?


In terms of timescale, it’s very hard to predict; sometimes name changes are instant and sometimes it can take a few days - But I promise it will update eventually

Yes, it’s me this profile.