Need help with apex tracker website

Good afternoon,

I use to have apex tracker pulled up on my laptop for me and my 6 friends and would refresh them everytime we would play a long session so their games would track. However, i was IP banned out of no where without warning and an just confused what i did wrong. Also if there was a way to reverse the ban, so i can further use the website and support the team with traffic.

Thank you kindly.


Can you send me your IP + a Screenshot of the message you see to [email protected] + Your TRN User ID.

I’ll review and give feedback to the team if required. (You can post the same info here; however, if you’d rather hide your IP, just send it via email.


Thanks for the timely response! Sent over an email just a moment ago. I assume the TRN ID is just the username when I search up my stats on the website?

Let me know if theres anything else you may need.