Need help with the tracker app(Update: found a way if you want any help with the same problem just tell me)

Well I downloaded the tracker app and its running it in Overwolf, and there is a problem it wont open and it says (Windows Insider not supported You are running a “Windows Insider Program” version of Windows, which is not supported by Overwolf. In order to use Overwolf, you’ll need to leave the program and uninstall preview builds.). You see I can’t just leave “Windows Insider Program” because it will erase all of my data, I don’t want that is there any way to just open Overwolf with the “Windows Insider Program”?. I freaking hate Overwolf, first I wanted to play minecraft with modpacks, I couldn’t and now this sigh.

  • Thank you for your time.

ok I found a fix, follow this steps if you wish to fix it to :
-Open CMD, (if you don’t know how, press windows button + R, and type cmd then press ok)
-Drag your Overwolf installer into CMD, (with this you just copy the path, instead of typing it just do it automatically)
-Press space then copy and paste this “-AllowWindowsInsider” (Don’t copy the " mark)
-Press enter and you should be ready

Have fun I guess.

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