"New Agent" Problem

  1. App says that the profile is public
  2. i’ve restarted that app 5 times and played 4 matches
  3. all privacy settings are off
  4. here are my logs DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service
  5. the profile is shown and updates on the website but not on the app

i have the same problem

Hello, @RhyCuGami !

I may not be the best help here as I have not experienced this same issue, but I have seen on other posts in the forum from TRN staff that sometimes opening the apps in a specific “order” can help resolve issues such as this.

The order I’ve seen is as follows:

  1. Overwolf
  2. Tracker App
  3. Game

I wasn’t able to download your logs due to the sharing period ending (just so you know). You’re not receiving any specific error, correct? It’s just that your stats on your profile are not updating in the Tracker App?