New name not updating

Hey so 2 days ago I changed my name from AgileLogicc to Lugicc. I made sure I changed it literally everywhere and re-linked everything. I play on PC via Steam. My Steam account is basically connected to my Origin(EA) account because after launching Apex via Steam you have to log-in to your Origin(EA) account.

Now the problem is that when I search my new name on the Apex Legends tracker nothing shows up but when I search my old name it still finds me and is fully up-to-date but with my old name…

Would like to know why it’s not updating my name. All help is appreciated.

Hey; i’ve replied via your premium ticket for you! You should see an email in your inbox!

Thank you

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I have the same issue. My name was brand0n14125 and I changed it to it_brand0n and it still shows as brand0n14125, bt my stats are fully updated like they should be.

Playstation Xbox or Origin?

If it’s PSN very little we can do until they update their profile system (late summer)

My apologies. It is an Origin account.

Have you updated here? Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

Also which trackers are you using right now?

I have relinked it and it shows it_brand0n there. I believe I have wraith with kills and damage done and time in the void trackers.

Spoke with the dev team surrounding these name change matters; we have very little to no control over the issues.

The issue actual stems from Respawn/Apex and how they handle name changes; also we have strict limitations from Xbox/PSN - It will take quite sometime to update and we’re doing what we can to assist.

has this issue been solved because im getting the same problem with my name