Nintendo When I try add my Rl profile o leaderboard dosent give option

There is no option for nitnedo rl players to add myself

Hi @kvlwhy,

Please be more specific. What exactly are you trying to do? Do you mean the regional or global leaderboard?

I think what @kvlwhy means is that when you try and link an account to your profile, there are options to link with PS, Xbox, Steam and Epic Games etc, but not for a Nintendo account. I’m also switch player and do not know how to link my Nintendo account either…

I’ve linked into my Epic Games, but it doesn’t show me as a Nintendo Switch player so I don’t know how to show that either. Hopefully that all makes sense lol.

Basically, I can’t claim my switch account: TangoTom05, because it automatically connects me to my epic games account.

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A mi me pasa lo mismo es penoso

Quiere que le muestre como jugador de Nintendo y no de Epic games ya que no se puede iniciar sesión con Nintendo y si buscas jugador por Nintendo por ejemplo el mío ni siquiera sale.