No account on R6

Ive never changed my name on
R6 but yet i cant find my profile on R6 tracker and i don’t know how to change it

What is your username that appears in-game and your platform please?

My username in game is SaltyWafflesYT and im on xbox

According to Ubisoft, there is no xbox account with that name, only a uplay user with that name. If you are 100% that is your Xbox gamertag, you should contact Ubisoft Support.

Im 100% thats my name my ubisoft is SaltyWaffles111 my ign is SaltyWafflesYT my acount is SaltyWaffles#111 i play xbox and playstation so i dont see why it jsnt coming up when im level 106 and copper V

The Xbox account linked to that Ubisoft account is “GRM Waffle”