No blue tick beside my name

:wave: Hi. I hope you might be able to help. How do i get the blue tick on my username on tracker Network. Thanks you :blush:

Hi @Gaff2015,

Please sign in on our website and search for your profile on the home page. It usually helps to complete the verification process.

If you are logged in already, please log out first.

Hi thanks for reply. I’ve logged out and signed in. I’ve purchased premium membership but it still hasn’t shown up.

Hi, I can see your premium membership has been applied onto your account. As for the blue tick, this is an issue we’ll look into.

Ok thank you for your reply

Just to confirm. I can see a blue tick when I link my Ubisoft account but not when I link my PlayStation which is the main profile

Hi, I’ve done everything that has been asked. Is there any update on this? It still hasn’t been resolved. Thank you