No Documentation after making app?

On “” there’s the “Documentation” tab that prompts you to “Create an app”. After signing in and clicking through that button on 8 Sep (last Wednesday), I have an app in my dashboard but the documentation tab never updated. All I see is the regular “Tracker Network offers… …To get started, click “Create an app” below.” message.

I was expecting something akin to Unreal Engine’s documentation… am I misunderstanding something? Shouldn’t this tab update and be filled in with API calls?

Hi @saphill19,

The “Documentation” tab includes multiple sections on the left side where you can find API calls and other useful information. The “Getting Started” page is only used to create new apps (i.e., you can create more than one app on this page) and it will not be replaced with anything else automatically if you have an app.

Please let me know if you have more questions about the docs.