No flag on my account

I have got no flag on my account,but I linked my psn and I wrote my country in geo settings like a month ago

I must be like top2 in Russia(but Im not even In leaderboard)

Hello @contirve and welcome to the TRN forums.

Can you please provide your IGN and platform (Origin, XBL, or PSN) or alternatively provide a link to your profile on

I’d like to see if I can determine what the issue is from a quick look at your profile.
thats my profile,Im on ps

You need to link your PSN ID “G2_Ex6TenZ”


that says “Misha Ermukov”. You have to link “G2_Ex6TenZ” if you want the flag to show up on that account.

Because Misha Ermukov is my real name
And G2_Ex6TenZ is name of account

it shows my real name,not my nickname for games

thank you,that worked