NO IM NOT CHEATING Number 1 In Leaderboard But I am Showing TWICE


My PS name is Isys Ra. I just happened to look at my stats today to see where I was on the leader board and I am noticing that I am showing on the leader board twice. This is clearly some type of system error. Can someone please look into this? I have claimed my accounts a number of times and I don’t want to be accused of Cheating because of some issues with the account verification.

Has there been any update on what is going? Again this is still showing that I am on the October Leaderboard but it is showing 3 different times with three different values. Can someone please assist me?

theres a high chance someone copyed ur name an replaced the L with a I to make it look like ur hacking this is normal id suggest changeing ur user if possible

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Thank you for the suggestion… but that cant be right. The reason being is because if that person misspelled my name then when you click on their name in the leaderboard it would have went to a different page that was not mine. When you select my name in both instances it goes to my page. And besides if the username was misspelled i wouldn’t be able to log into the account at all. But again thank you for trying to help. I am really thinking again that this may be a backend issue. Both usernames lead back to my account with my stats on the page for some reason it just showing twice. Also if you search for all the users there is no one on that leaderboard that has the username LSYS RA (which would have been the misspelling of my name with an L instead of an I like you said).

anytime im just tryna be helpfull idk why its doing this it should be fixed soon

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YOU ARE AWESOME. Thank you so much for taking the time to even respond. You are the first person to even look at the post and say something. I really appreciate you reading it and at least helping me think through why it is probably a system issue. Any and every response always helps. Again thanks again. Have a great day :wink: :slight_smile:

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anytime dude and have a great day aswell :smiley:

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@TrackerNetwork We are now going on DAY 6 of COD tracker failing to do what it is supposed to do. Being patient but some of the challenges are ending and the issue still isn’t resolved. Seems like waiting a week for a mere response is beyond reasonable. Help!

@TrackerNetwork. Okay I understand that there are a lot of requests but now we are at over a week on this request and the stats for my call of duty account still have not been rectified. Specifically on any of my challenges. I have completed a number of Modern Warfare Challenges and none of them are showing in my history. Again… still waiting patiently but this is beyond what good service should be. There is no way that my account shows 25 challenge completions but only 1 is showing in my history.

its still not fixed?

Nope… This is getting kinda irritating.

im sure there gonna fix it