No link to renew Premium

Clicking to renew subscription - it says “Your subscription is no longer active. Please restart it.” Only gives accepted payment options that aren’t clickable. Clicking “upgrade now” button, scrolls back to the same accepted payment section with no place to click to access payment process. Tried on mobile, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome with no success.

Hi @mmmdorytohs,

Thank you for your message. I see that your subscription is still active in our system. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, could you send us a screenshot of the page to help us understand why it works improperly for you please?

My subscription ends 1/10. I unlinked the card so I could use a different payment method. No place to click to do that. See attached screenshot from mobile. It’s the same on a browser.

Thank you. Could you try again please? We have just released a fix, I hope it works for you (you may need to refresh the page if subscription methods do not appear immediately).

Yes, payment buttons now appear and I am able to interact. I might have to wait until current subscription ends before I switch to the new payment method. Thank you!