No me muestra mi stadisticas en en la app

I already installed the Overwolf and the Valorant tracker, when I start a session and a game of Valorant does not show me anything in the app if and I already log in and leave my profile public, someone could help me, I already tried reinstalling the app and it remains the same

Hey, answered your DM but we can communicate here if you want, let me know what’s best for you.

Hi RoDex, I send you the requested ones, because here is fine, in advance, thanks for your support.

As far as we can see it should work for you.

Can you please do the following?

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Launch Valorant.
  3. Play any match.
  4. Send Overwolf logs to us.

To send Overwolf logs, right-click on the Overwolf icon next to the clock > Support > Create log zip.

Thank you.

Hi, I send you what you requested

Thank you

Thank you @Rfockingtorres. Unfortunately, Overwolf doesn’t support versions of Windows Insider Preview, which you run according to the logs.

More info: