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This Site seems to go Hand in Hand with EA. If you dont pay, you dont get help. That sucks. Hopefully people will Start to recognise that this World is only a good World Wien you have money and/or Connections. Good dammit

Hi @HoursOfHell,

Sorry, we might have missed your previous post.

I checked your country settings and they seem correct. However, your Apex Legends profile still does not have a flag which is why you do not appear in regional leaderboards.

Have you tried to use the “Claim Profile” button in the profile header or unlink and link your profile again in your account settings?

Nice to hear from you. Yes, i did this. But it didnt work back then, so i didnt do it again. Also, why should i? I will try it again, and if it does not work this time i delete the app

Tried it a few times, doesnt work. How can this be?? Im tired of this shit

Are u Guys kidding me? Why is my Kill Count for Season 11 Kills reset? Pls answer me this time

@HoursOfHell Let’s get this resolved; when you reply I’ll be pinged directly.

First of all; your regional flag is now showing as Germany and the regional leaderboards will update in due course.

In regards to ‘Resetting Season 11 Kills’ we would never do this ourselves; to update a specific legend Season 11 Kill total follow these steps.

  • Equip the Season 11 Kill Tracker from the Season 11 battle pass onto your chosen legend.
  • Jump into a game (Firing range is fine)
  • Have your profile open on ApexTracker
  • In the top right corner you will see a timer that counts down; once this ticks to zero data will be gathered on your currently selected trackers/legend and update your profile accordingly.

While this is a massive pain vs other video titles we support this is the best method (Apex Legends has some strict limitations we have to abide by)

To update your total ‘Season 11 kills’ for your entire account you would need to follow those steps for each legend one by one. Apologies this again is a limitation that we do not control.

Finally, once you are happy with the data on your account you’re good to go. Global leaderboards shall update within 3-12 hours.

Thank you


let me explain it. First of all, thanks for your reply. My Problem is, there might be a Bug in Apex for the Bloodhound Season 11 Kills Tracker. I asked other players, who use this App. They are still in the Leaderboard with their Bloodhound Kills, only my Kill Tracker was reset. I dont care anymore, I play the game and thats it. Thanks for your help so far.

@HoursOfHell Send me a screenshot of your in-game trackers for review :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi, I had 1,102 Kills with BH in Sesaon 11. Now it Started to count from 0. I now have 95. Like I wrote before, I dont care anymore. Dont let this influence my Mood anymore. But as you wish, here is a ScreenshotProcessing: 20220210_203716.jpg…

Hoppefully you can See the image

Wait, so the kill data reset in-game?

Unfortunately, we have zero control over that; you would need to speak with Respawn.

Thank you

Like i Said. I dont mind it anymore, but thanks for your help. Bye