No stats show in my app

I have my app running, I can not see any of my stats, no kills, no wins etc
I have it set exactly how you suggest
Various restarts etc

I can’t seem to find anywhere that shows me the stats for my account

Hi @NinaWildeUK,

Could you make sure please that your profile is available on our website?

If you can find your stats on our website, please send us a link to your profile. Also, please send us your logs to help us understand the issue:

It does not show on the website either
I can’t get them to show anywhere but one other site
My friends ones show up

Using a controller on pc

What is your nickname in Fortnite? Also, please send us a link to your profile on that website.

I can not get my stats in the Windows app. Just says unknown user, I am logged in in Overwolf as well.
The Spiderantula

Hi @The_Spiderantula,

Could you send us your logs please? You can create them in the app and attach the ZIP file to your message on the forum: