Not getting shown on my regional leaderboards

I reached masters level i have 10033 RP , according to this score i should be placed #4 on my Regional Leadarboards ( Pakistan ) please help me as i have linked my origin , steam , discord , twitch , youtube account but still i am not getting shown on my regional leaderboards

@Zamasu_TTV I can see on our backend that your region is set correctly; please leave it some time and it should automatically update.

Just to confirm its not a bug would you mind confirming the following;

  • When did you set your region
  • When did you link your accounts?

Thank you

It’s been 4 days still not getting shown on leaderboards , please fix

Please help me I’m from South Africa I’ve been claiming still I can’t get my regional flag there for I can’t track myself…I even deleted n download the app more than 5 times​:sob::sob: tgs lee007 that’s my handle

@tgs_lee007 What’s your TRN profile username. This is how we link players to regions.

Make sure when you are logged in your account is linked here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

And the region is set here (only do this once please) Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (