Not on leaderboard

How do i get on my regional leaderboards? Ive turned on geo settings, linked all my accounts, what am i missing here?

Hi @Shahmeerzaman,

It usually takes some time to update placements in regional leaderboards. How long have you been waiting?

Also, please make sure your country flag is shown in your game profile on the website now. Here’s an example:


Hi thanks for replying. I’ve been on the website for months now still nothing. Also, may i ask how do i add the country flag I’m a little lost.

Did you link your Origin account on our website?

I’m on psn, i do have that connected yes. plus whenever i try to find my geo location automatically it gives an error.

Could you try to enter your country manually please?

I did try putting it manually, it said geo updated successfully but i still dont see my flag on my pfp. Im doing this on my phone is that the issue? Its been 2 days since i updated all this still no fix.

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Hi, i have the same issue. For a few months i couldnt link my psn account, now suddenly it went well.
But after update GEO LOC. Still doesnt work and i cant see the flag!
I dont know why.
Did you solve it already? Please let mě know :slight_smile: