Not seeing removal of alias history

So it is as simple as it is. I have the blue tick next to my account and I am unable to see the remove alias button, Am I able to remove my alias and if not can i request to have my entire data page wiped? Thanks a bunch.

Please make sure your Xbox/PSN/Uplay account is linked to your Tracker Network account. If done correctly, you’ll see a “verified” tick next to your username at the top of your stats profile page. To delete your past alias history, navigate to your stats profile page and make sure you are logged in (top right). The “Hide Alias History” button will appear below the past alias list.

This is extremely irritating as I am seeing other people have the button there and email responses have told me “just press the button” but no button has been present.

after speaking to post on the discord he has informed me this is a bug in the system but I was not given any window on when it would be fixed or if you could remove the alias for me.