Not showing up on any leaderboards?

Have updated by geo and linked my account (several days ago) and not showing up in either the full leaderboards or the regional one.


man me too, i should be second for score per min on the leaderboard for xbox but can’t find myself

that sucks :frowning: yeah it would be fun to see my name up there!

Please can you provide me both with your platform and userID/Gamertag and i’ll have a look into this for you.

Do you have a specific leaderboard you feel you should be a part of?


inaneHELLRAISER on Xbox!

I should be first in Canada for K/D in Battlefield V

Thanks for looking into it!

Hello, me too.

username: leomazzo
Plataform: PC - Origin
Game: Battlefield 1
Location: Brazil

Now showing up in regional leaderboards and I have already linked geo and created an account. Please, help!!!

Specific leaderboard you feel you should be a part of: yes, attack plane kills for example. Or horse kills. BTR Score etc.

I’ve never showed up in any regional leaderboard, even with only a couple of top 0.X% stats.

BF1 on PC
Location: Brazil

Hi, you’ve raised a separate ticket which has been answered so i won’t repeat it here!

You’re correctly showing on the regional leaderboards.

For example you are currently rank #332 in Brazil for score - Battlefield 1 Global Leaderboards: Game Score (

Please note BF1 is an older title and isn’t support much these days however we’ll try preserve what we can.


Congratulations; you will be #1 soon however you’ve not hit the required amount of played games.

We have restrictions in place to limit abuse; you’re around 50~ games away from entry.

Oh that makes sense! Thanks for looking into it, much appreciated!

Hi, I’m not showing in the K/D leaderboard…
But on some of the others yes…
ID origin: GARG0LE

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Hello! im not showing up on the leaderboards for Black Ops: Cold war : (
Im lookin at Canada K/D R and im not there, i should be around #277
Battle.Net ID: AlFa#11367

Hello i’m not showing up too
game-apex legends

me too, I could see myself for years, now its gone

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platform- PC
username- 5st5andwich
game- Battlefield 5
country- New Zealand

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Can’t see my stats on Battlefield 5 should be top 10 score per min and with Lewis kills and ribeyrose.

Gamertag: Android ky


Australia, Xbox, I know I’m in the top 100 for kills in Australia on Xbox but I’m not showing in any leaderboard

South Korea, pc, I should be in 4th in my country for st chamond kills i’m not showing in any leaderboard

AntonAlonso_VLKR. Battlefield 2042. I see my account but It doesn’t appear on Leaderboard for Origin in Spain.