Not showing up on any leaderboards

Not showing up on any leaderboards

Which leaderboards do you feel you should be showing up on?

Can you please be more specific and link your profile.

Thank you

Hey so it’s actually BF5 but I made three post and got no replies🤷

I was told once I got to 150 matches I would show up on the regional and overall leaderboards but nothing yet.

It’s inaneHELLRAISER on Xbox.

(Have updated my geo too)

every post you’ve made about leaderboards have been replied to at least once, please stop spamming them, especially in wrong categories

lmao no they haven’t and I’m still not showing up.

How about just giving me a straight answer and I wouldn’t have to do that?

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Hey I’m having the same issue as you. I was told it was 250 rounds played but I’m finding people on there with only like 40 rounds. Idk why I’m not showing up either. It doesn’t seem like it has to do with hours played cause I’m seeing ppl with less hours played than me. The only thing I can think of is that this is my second account. And my main account is already on the lead board. But I tried paying for a separate gold membership for the second account and it still doesn’t work so I’m confused as well. My username is OSC383 and I should be 3rd in score per min and kills per min but it doesn’t show up. I have 235 rounds played and 40 hours so I don’t think either of those are an issue. Someone pls help me

I’ve replied on your own post for you.

Hello LJM can you help me on my post? I have 1380 wins on Firestorm playstation solo, but i dont appear on leaderboards, only i can find me searching my account