Not showing up on leaderboards

Made a couple posts about this now and not even getting a response :frowning:


Which leaderboards are you referring to; what is your gamertag and platform?

Thank you


the BFV leaderboards (K.D) for some reason im not showin up. I was told that you need 150 games but now I’m well over that and nothing yet unfortunetly.

its inaneHELLRAISER on xbox. TY for looking into it.

Some leader boards are certainly 150 however they vary game to game, stat to stat.

I’m going to try find the exact number for you now.

Thank you for your patience.

Given your profile is clearly showing your position (On your own profile) I’m sure you’ll appear soon!

Update - The leaderboards do not have a ‘set’ number of games required they actively scale based on a few internal factors.

You will eventually show however not quite yet!

Okay! Thank your for looking into it :slight_smile:

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Hi Rhippin,

I have the same case as well for BFV, no region connected to my account which should be Philippines. My IGN is vaughn_new_mann on Playstation. Can you check into this aswell. Thank you

Here is the link to my current stats: vaughn_new_mann's Battlefield V Overview Stats - Battlefield Tracker