Not Showing up on Regional leaderbored?

I’m currently 4th Lifeline in the UK on PSN but I’m not showing on Regional Leaderboreds anyway to fix this?

Hi @CoffeeAddictxx,

You may need to unlink your PlayStation account and link it to your Tracker Network account again. You should also open your Apex Legends profile on our website after it.

Unfortunately, our system could not update your geo settings for your PlayStation account (your flag is not visible in your Apex Legends profile right now). It is the reason why you are not shown in the regional leaderboards.

Okay I’ve unlinked and linked again and opened the website but i still have no flag? Idk if i did it wrong :sweat_smile:

It may be an internal bug, I will ask the team if there is something we can do to fix it. Do you have any other gaming platforms (Steam, Origin, etc.) you could link to see if your flag will appear in your other profile?

Only PlayStation sadly. Let me know if it’s something on my end that i need to fix please

Any update on the issue?

Unfortunately, it looks like it will take some time to fix it. The team is currently working on a new verification system for PlayStation users, it should resolve this issue for you.

I am not exactly sure when this system will be available. It may take at least one or two weeks before it goes live.

No problem thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @CoffeeAddictxx,

The new system is live now. You can try to link your PSN to your Discord account first, then you need to link your Discord account to your Tracker Account. If you linked your Discord account already, please unlink it first.