Not tracking properly (PLS READ)

So I have 2 accounts, one being my main account that ive had since around 2018 and the other ive had for way less time before I knew I could log into my main account on pc. Ive been using r6 tracker the last couple days on my main account and it doesnt and hasnt ever once shown my live match HOWEVER I played on my second account earlier and it was tracking perfectly fine. My issue here is that I had my main account linked to the app while playing on my second account but it still tracked somehow but then when I actually play on my main account with it linked it doesnt work. Why???

Hi, due to the nature of Ubi’s security system, the app might not function correctly (or at all) on some Siege accounts. There have been a lot of issues which should be resolved as of several hours ago.

I recommend following the steps below, let us know if you continue to see issues.