Onesie - Outdated Character Portrait


The Fortnite character portrait for the “Onesie” skin is using the pre-release portrait on fortnitetracker. Most changes to portraits are negligable, usually just a pose change, however this is a unique case as the entire face model is different and is significantly more polished, with a less ghoulish skin tone in the current (Final) version of the skin.

Even if were just updated to the modern but still outdated forward-facing pose it would be significantly more accurate to the skin’s appearance. For quick reference, I have included links to two images from the Fandom Wiki. I must rely on you to look at the currently used icon on fortnitetracker as I am only allowed to post two links.

A - The currently used, oudated icon. Found within fortnitetracker

B (Link) - Icon that was used before each character model got a unique pose

C (Link) - The icon currently used in the official game.

Either B or C are significantly better than the old leaked icon, and I would like to push for the updating of this model’s portrait as I believe the current one is insufficient in its current state.

I know it doesn’t break the website or anything but it would be nice for anyone else who reps the onesie skin and a big favour to myself personally.

Hi @LexiTehGallade,

Thank you for your feedback, I passed it down to our Fortnite team.