Operator and season stats

I subd to tracker premium and it made my operators and MMR and season stats unavailable confused as to why

Hey @Nkinder ,

What’s your XBL/PSN/Ubisoft name? I’ll see if I can’t find you in the tracker and see if it’s just something temporary on your end.

Whichever method you’re using to play, have you linked your TRN account to it? You can do so by creating your TRN account or logging in and going to the “Linked Accounts” section (you can see it by clicking on the gear icon to the right of your name at the top right-hand corner of the page once logged in at https://r6.tracker.network/). I’m unsure if this is required, but from what I’ve seen in other posts here, it seems to at least help.

Hi so my xbox name is lCLuTcHCYCLONE lower case L in the beginning. And yes I did link the profile to the tracker

Yeah, I see your profile: R6Tracker - lCLuTcHCYCLONE - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats

Looks a little bare, though it does appear to be grabbing the latest matches as I can see your most recent games just finishing. Definitely as you reported though: not much in the MMR history and doesn’t seem to be pulling any information about the operators either. I sat and waited for the page to refresh multiple times to see if it would fix by itself, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

Out of curiosity, have you recently changed your gamertag? I’ve read on here that it can cause problems for a bit after changing it.

Nope I haven’t changed my gamer tag at all. It’s just weird because It was working just fine yesterday and before I bought premium today. So I don’t know why

Hmm, okay. Must be something else then. Can’t rule out you getting Premium and it stopped working after that as a potential issue, but I kind of doubt that’s the case.

There’s another issue that is causing some parts of the Tracker page to not update correctly that TRN is aware of and is due to an Ubisoft API issue; however, it seems to only affect lifetime and seasonal operator stats. According to TRN’s discord, everything else (seasonal stats, match history, MMR history, trends, played with, seasons, etc.) should be working correctly.

In addition, I can see other profiles that don’t have the same issue as you (the main difference being they play much more and are ranked at the top of the leaderboard), so it probably isn’t wholly related to the known Ubisoft issue.

Since you do have Premium, you should be able to take advantage of the Support TRN is offering via Tracker Network Contact Us. They might be able to quickly get you set over there. Otherwise you’d need to wait for one of the site admins to verify and troubleshoot your issue on here.

Sorry that I couldn’t fix the issue for you! I hope you get it all sorted.

@Nkinder Hi, there is currently issues on Ubisoft’s end, we cannot update lifetime stats or any operator stats. Seasonal stats are unaffected and your stats seem to be fine seasonally? Having a premium subscription won’t have caused this problem.

More info here: Lifetime & Operator Stats not Updating for R6

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